What is a Red Leg?

Red Leg Apparel is a company based in Jacksonville, Florida started by two Army veterans. We wanted to create a way to share our experiences that we had in the military with other likeminded patriots. We also have a mission that is bigger than ourselves and that is helping to end veteran homelessness.

Our Mission: To Give Back

Red Leg Apparel continues with the mission of never leaving a soldier behind. Each and every veteran gave so much to their country but when they transition to civilian life, many veterans continue to fight a different battle. Many of them suffer from PTSD, depression, substance abuse with no family or support system to fall back on and ultimately end up on the streets feeling forgotten. They fought for us, now lets fight for them. That is why with every purchase, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to help these forgotten vets get off the streets and help end veteran homelessness.
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